Hoofbeats Dressage Club

Our Mission

  • To promote Sportsmanship and to develop, upgrade, and encourage riders at the beginning levels of dressage.
  • To create competitive opportunities in the lower levels of dressage.
  • To fill a need for a step between London and Windsor schooling shows and the Canadian Equestrian Federation's recognized competitions.
  • To assist in reducing expenses and time that showing can entail.
  • To provide an award incentive for beginner riders.
  • To fill the need for nonprofessional competitive experience and allow for exposure to the very basic showing of dressage.
  • To help improve communication between horse and rider.
  • As well, to provide those exhibitors who cannot absorb the high costs, and those who do not have the calibre horse necessary to compete at higher level shows, who want an introduction to competition in the Canadian Equestrian Federation and Ontario Equestrian Federation, with the chance to achieve their objective.